New York’s Alt Right (Part I)


There is no shortage of media coverage for the “Alt Right”—the name for a loosely organized group of white nationalists who’ve rebranded their image and learned how to use the internet. The Alt Right’s army of racist trolls call for mass deportations, have reintroduced anti-Semitic conspiracy theories and holocaust denial into public discourse (and Trump campaign ads), spread Islamophobic lies, promote rape culture, and lionize the police murder of hundreds of people of color every year. They’ve been championed by Breitbart’s Steven Bannon, who Trump has appointed as his new chief strategist.

However, the local media has overlooked the Alt Right’s presence in New York. Perhaps this is because organized racists often hide behind the internet’s anonymity in order to spew their toxic stew of Pepe memes and curious fixation on cuckolding. The first step in countering them is pulling off the sheets they are hiding under. These people have jobs and hang out in neighborhood bars. We encourage everyone to get to know your local fascist.

NYC Antifa is going to unmask the Alt Right in the NYC metro area. We’ll be releasing information twice a week for the next couple of weeks. If you have any information to add, please send tips to

First up, the PROUD BOYS!

New York’s Alt Right if you’re a deeply insecure Hipster

PBs gather at historic McSorely’s, forcing it to close two days later

Since being kicked out of Vice, the magazine he helped found, Gavin McInnes has been relegated to late-night Fox News punditry and writing for a blog founded by a Golden Dawn-supporting millionaire and formerly edited by Nazi Dork Richard Spencer. He’s an antique of the worst aspects of ’00s hipsters: bad fashion sense, irony covering for insecurity, and deeply reactionary politics.

In the last few months he has compensated for his fall from relevance by starting a personality cult comprised of man-children called the “Proud Boys.” The name plays on the “red pill” concept of convincing impressionable and narcissistic young males that they are somehow victims of feminist, queer, and POC liberation movements. These (mostly) white boys  claim that their general deficiencies as human beings are, in fact, indicators of their “alpha” status.

Pitiful as the group is, and small as their numbers are, the Pasty Bootlickers are an experiment in bringing the prevalence of alt-right trolling to the streets. They served as a security force at the “Daddy Will Save Us” art show fiasco, where they smashed the phone of a lone counter protester, and bragged of beating someone up at a previous event. Nonetheless, much of their internal chatter is about encouraging one another to get over their fears of wearing Trump gear in public.

They are a politically diverse group, but have in common a love of Trump, a hatred of immigrants, refugees, and leftists, and a tolerance of neo-Nazism. Their blog hawks Western Chauvinism, anti-Semitism, and Islamophobia on a daily basis.

On election day McInnes hosted a “Trump Victory Party” at the Gaslight Lounge in the Meatpacking district of Manhattan. In attendance were:

Here’s some of the other boys (and two girls):

Aaron Servilio, originally from Waldwick, NY. Lives in Brooklyn and works for Fox News.
Richard Fohrelnbach Jr. of Brooklyn. Originally from Milford, CT.  Twitter.

Neo-Nazi Proud Boy Robert Campbell, pictured with Erik Proft of NSBM (Nazi Black Metal) band Grafvolluth, and one of his typical Facebook messages. Campbell is also associated with NATA and racist heathenry

Alex Caprio of Bayonne, NJ. Works at Matthews Food and Drink and White Star in Jersey City.
Stephen McCarthy, NY, comedian
Christopher Posser of Greece/Rochester, New York
Helen Levin and Brian Scott Herman



Rich Donahue of York, PA


Sal Cipolla (left) of Oceanside, NY
Martina Markota of New York, originally from Red Hook, NY. Burlesque performer under the name Lady Alchemy at the Box and Diamond Horshoe.
Anthony Valenti or West Islip, NY. Facebook. Twitter.
Alex Jerez, 28 of Huntington, NY. Reddit. Twitter. LinkedIn.

If you’re not in New York, you can use this handy map to find some Proud Boys in your area, and maybe see how proud they really are for yourself! It should be noted that McInnes and everyone’s favorite LGBTQ Islamophobe Milo Yiannopoulos are on the “centrist” side of a split between Alt-Right neo-Nazis, and “Alt-Lite” racialist conservatives. Antifascist News has a summary of the split, and we agree with their conclusion: “We need to call the Alt Right what it is: fascist.”

UPDATE: We removed the photo of one person who initially joined PB, but has since disassociated himself 

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  1. […] Far from the stereotype of old, cantankerous Klanners, the “Alt-Right” and its organizations such as Identity Evropa advance their cause with approaches that are modern, polished, and deceptive. They use memes and retro aesthetics to make their hateful message more palatable. Prioritizing anonymity and information security, until recently the “Alt-Right” has relied on its internet presence combined with occasional public speaking events by white-collar “leaders” such as Richard Spencer to advance its cause. (The movement was also helped by the existence of the watered-down “Alt-Lite” and figures such as Milo Yiannopoulos, which helped popularize Alt-Right themes without explicitly signing off on white nationalism.) For most of its existence, what the Alt-Right’s internet trolls and “Identitarian” white nationalists had in terms of propaganda reach, they lacked in street presence and physical interaction. This is where one of the Alt-Right/Alt-Lite’s strangest offshoots comes in–Cue the “Proud Boys.” […]

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