New York’s Alt Right (Part II)

New York’s Alt-Right if you’re a professional who leads a double life as a racist intellectual

Alt Right poster boy of the month Richard Spencer is not the first person to rebrand fascist politics to make it more acceptable. This project usually has a two-part strategy: 1) appeal to racist hipsters, and 2) put on an intellectual air by quoting half-understood lines from Nietzsche, Heidegger, and Evola.

British advocates of this strategy include the London Forum, a regular speaking series which bills itself as “the home of the British Alt-Right.” Now, the fascist Counter-Currents Publishing* have launched a local branch, the New York Forum. The UK monitoring group Hope Not Hate describes the London Forum as:

led by former British Army Corps of Signals officer Jeremy ‘Jez’ Turner. The group has attracted leading national socialists, Holocaust deniers and conspiracy theorists from across the globe to its meetings. More significantly, the Forum, and in particular Turner and his side kick Larry Nunn, have become increasingly influential on the far right, especially with NA [hipster fascists “National Action”].

The New York Forum held its first, private, racists-only meeting in May 2016, on a day they noted was “88 degrees.” Counter-Currents Publishing wrote:

Why a forum in New York City? First, New York is our top city in terms of readership, which makes perfect sense. The primary cause of white awareness of race differences, the Jewish question, and the negative consequences of multiculturalism is direct experience, and New York offers such experiences in abundance. Second, there are millions of people — and thus large numbers of racially aware whites — within a 3-hour commute of New York City. Finally, New York is a transportation hub, so many of our people pass through here.

Counter-Currents Publishing in New York include Margot Darby (aka Margot Sheehan, aka Margot Metroland) and James J. O’Meara. Both are long-time affiliates of the website, and both are careful to hide their fascist organizing from their professional lives. So here’s a little more about that!

Margot Darby aka Margot Sheenan aka Margot Metroland, 58, of Manhattan

During the day, Margot Darby/Sheehan is a flash developer who has worked for FCB Health, and, according to her LinkedIn, “Penguin Random House, Citigroup, American Express Publishing, Travel + Leisure, Food & Wine, The New York Times.” We’re pretty sure she doesn’t tell her coworkers that she spends her nights writing racist essays under name “Margot Metroland.”

On a November 2016 podcast, she brags about attending Richard Spencer’s recent Alt Right conference in DC. She also details her decades-long participation in fascist circles, which includes knowing racist godfather Willis Carto; doing freelance work for the Institute for Historical Review, best known for spreading Holocaust Denial; and being pen pals with neo-Nazi leader William Pierce, the inspiration for the Oklahoma City bombing.

Despite keeping her multiple lives compartmentalized, they all conveniently blend together in her Pipl profile. Her other online profiles include:

James J. O’Meara, 60, of Astoria, Queens

The other local Counter-Currents Publishing person associated with the New York Forum is James J. O’Meara, who signed books at the Forum’s May gathering. He lives in Astoria, Queens and in the past worked at the New York Law School and several disability education programs. He also says he volunteered at the Queens art space Flux Factory between 2009 and 2011.

In his free time, he is a featured writer at Counter-Currents Publishing and the author of several books, including The Homo and the Negro, which argues that gay men should be welcome into the ranks of the fascist movement. Just as with Margot Darby, for some odd reason O’Meara seems to keep his writing hobbies off his LinkedIn and Pipl profiles.

If you have additional information on the NYC Counter-Currents Publishing folks, the NY Forum, or other tri-state racists and fascists, send it to:

* The fascist “Counter-Currents Publishing” should not be confused with the lefty media source “Counter Current News” (

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